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Exploring the Resilient C12 Polypropylene Film Capacitors by Din electronics

Din electronics introduces the C12 polypropylene film capacitor, a testament to reliability in electronic circuitry. Operating within a temperature range of -40~105℃, with voltage options ranging from 400V to 2000V and a capacitance span of 0.00047μF to 0.68μF, this polypropylene capacitor is designed to thrive in diverse environments, providing stability where it matters most.

Temperature Resilience

C12 polypropylene film capacitors exhibit remarkable resilience in a broad temperature spectrum, operating flawlessly between -40 and 105℃. This wide range makes them suitable for applications in varying climates and conditions, ensuring consistent performance across diverse electronic systems.

Versatile Voltage Options

Din electronics caters to a spectrum of electronic requirements with C12 polypropylene capacitors offering voltage options of 400V, 630V, 1000V, 1250V, 1600V, and 2000V. This versatility allows engineers to select the optimal capacitor to meet the voltage demands of their specific applications, enhancing the adaptability of C12 polypropylene film capacitors across various electronic designs.

Capacitance Precision

Precision is paramount in electronic circuitry, and C12 polypropylene capacitors deliver with a capacitance range spanning from 0.00047μF to 0.68μF. This wide range provides engineers the flexibility to fine-tune their circuits, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency tailored to the unique needs of each application.


In the realm of electronic components, C12 polypropylene film capacitors by Din electronics emerge as stalwart performers. Operating seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -40 to 105℃, offering versatile voltage options, and featuring a precise capacitance range, these capacitors become a cornerstone in the arsenal of engineers. As technology advances, the enduring qualities of C12 capacitors continue to elevate the reliability and stability of electronic systems across diverse industries.

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