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HH-608RLK-Laser300: Streamlined Edge Banding with HUAHUA’s Automatic Bander Machine

HUAHUA introduces the HH-608RLK-Laser300, an innovative automatic bander machine designed to streamline edge banding processes. This advanced machine offers efficient edge banding capabilities, double gluing options (EVA/PUR glue), double rail end cutting, four-corner rounding, off-cut, and double buffing features. With the HH-608RLK-Laser300, woodworking businesses can achieve precise and high-quality edge banding results, improving productivity and enhancing the overall workflow.

Laser Transmitter for Time-Saving Edge Banding

The HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine incorporates a laser transmitter, revolutionizing the edge banding process. The edge band used in this machine comes pre-coated with glue, which is activated by the laser. This eliminates the need for glue replacement and significantly saves time during production. By leveraging the laser transmitter, woodworking businesses can achieve efficient and time-saving edge banding, resulting in increased productivity and reduced operational costs.

21.5-Inch Large Computer Screen for Enhanced User Experience

HUAHUA’s HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine is equipped with a 21.5-inch large computer screen, ensuring an enhanced user experience. The large screen provides a wide field of view, allowing operators to view the interface clearly and operate the machine with ease. The intuitive user interface displayed on the large screen simplifies the edge banding process, reducing the learning curve and enabling operators to work more efficiently. The 21.5-inch large computer screen enhances the human-computer interaction, making operation and usage of the machine more convenient and user-friendly.


The HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine by HUAHUA is a game-changer in the woodworking industry. With its laser transmitter for time-saving edge banding, 21.5-inch large computer screen for an enhanced user experience, and remote control capabilities for convenient monitoring and after-sales support, this machine offers woodworking businesses a streamlined and efficient edge banding solution. Upgrade your edge banding processes with the HH-608RLK-Laser300 automatic bander machine and unlock the potential for increased productivity and precise edge banding results. Experience the power of automation and advanced technology with HUAHUA’s cutting-edge machinery.

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