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Illuminating Retail Spaces: Exploring Hanshow’s Lumina E-Price Tag

Step into the future of electronic shelf labels with Hanshow‘s Lumina series – a truly one-of-a-kind E-Price Tag designed to transform retail settings. Unlike traditional ESLs, Lumina stands out by supporting vivid displays on an LCD screen, bringing dynamism and vibrancy to the shopping experience.

Vivid Displays with Lumina

Lumina sets itself apart with its vibrant LCD displays that instantly enliven retail spaces. The vivid visuals on the screen elevate the presentation of product and price information, creating an engaging and modern atmosphere within the store. Lumina is not just an E-Price Tag; it’s a visual enhancement for retail.

Electric-Powered Innovation

While traditional ESLs rely on ePaper displays powered by batteries, Lumina takes a leap forward with electric-powered innovation. This shift opens up a realm of possibilities for dynamic content displays. With an endless array of bright and dynamic content options, Lumina allows retailers to seamlessly integrate marketing messages alongside essential product and price information on a single screen.

Endless Content Display Options

Lumina’s electric-powered design provides retailers with unparalleled flexibility in content display. Whether it’s promotional content, product details, or pricing information, Lumina allows for a harmonious blend of diverse content on one screen. This versatility empowers retailers to curate engaging displays that capture the attention of customers and enhance the overall shopping experience.

A Blend of Marketing and Information

One of Lumina’s standout features is its ability to merge marketing content seamlessly with essential product and pricing details. This integrated approach enables retailers to convey promotional messages effectively while ensuring customers have access to accurate and up-to-date information, creating a holistic shopping experience.


Hanshow’s Lumina E-Price Tag transcends traditional electronic shelf labels, introducing a new era of dynamic and visually captivating retail displays. With its electric-powered innovation and support for vivid LCD displays, Lumina is a game-changer in the way retailers communicate with customers. Experience the future of E-Price Tags with Lumina – where every screen tells a compelling story in the retail landscape.

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