Is Domain Authority Used by Google?

Moz created a score called Domain Authority to measure how well websites fare in search results.
By applying the instructions, a website’s Domain Authority can be improved for better SERP rankings on search engines.

Does Google, however, take domain authority into account when determining search engine rankings?
You will find comprehensive information about Domain Authority in this blog, along with evidence that shows if Google uses it to rank websites.

You should first be aware of the Domain Authority, a statistic created by Moz, and how it is used.
The domain authority score, according to Moz, is a search engine ranking number that makes predictions about how the website will rank in SERPs (SERPs). A website’s domain authority typically reflects its importance in the search results.

On a scale from 1 to 100, Domain Authority (DA) scores are available. 50 to 60 is regarded a respectable Domain Authority score, and 60 to 100 is considered exceptional.
The total number of links, linking root domains, and other variables are taken into account while calculating the Domain Authority using machine learning technology.

A crucial question is “Does Google Use Domain Authority?” The short answer is no, Google does not utilize domain authority to determine how highly to rank websites. The performance of the website is determined using the Domain Authority (DA) score.

This concern arose as a result of numerous articles mentioning Domain Authority as a search engine ranking score and demonstrating its value as a predictor of how a site will fare in search engine results pages (SERPs) when conducted online. As a result, some individuals believe that the Domain Authority is a ranking element for the Google search engine.

Evidence that shows Google does not consider domain authority when determining rankings.

According to the Moz website, Domain Authority has no bearing on Google ranks.

“Domain Authority is not a Google ranking criterion and has no effect on the SERPs,” claims Moz.
It is evident from the aforementioned remark that Google does not rank websites based on their Domain Authority.

The DA PA Checker tool can be used to compute the domain authority score, but it doesn’t affect SEO rankings because it just displays the websites’ operational condition.

A totally free tool to verify domain authority online is called DA PA Checker. This gives all the necessary details about the websites or domains. It enables users to simultaneously check numerous URLs.

  • Put the URLs or websites in the text box provided and press the Check Domain Authority button.
  • With the help of this DA PA Checking website tool, websites are analysed and detailed performance data is provided, including Domain Authority (DA) score, Page Authority (PA) score, Spam Score (SS), Total Backlinks (TB), Quality Backlinks (QB), Percentage of Quality Backlinks (PQB), Moz Rank (MR), Semrush Backlinks (SB), Semrush Traffic (ST), Semrush Rank (SR), Age of domain (Age), and
  • It is helpful for website owners, content creators, students, teachers, and anyone else who wants to see how well their domains or websites are performing right now. Understanding your website’s rating is crucial because, if it’s low, you can raise it by making the site more robust.
  • You can monitor competitor websites’ performance, which is crucial if you want your websites to outperform theirs on search engines.

How Does the DA PA Checker Work?

1. Open your browser and go to
2. Type, enter, or paste the correct website addresses into the corresponding entry boxes.
3. To find out how well the websites or domains are performing, click the Check Domain Authority option.

Blog summary

The Domain Authority score is essential for determining how well a website or domain is doing. In the paragraphs above, we discussed domain authority information and evidence that Google does not use domain authority to rank websites. To check the Domain Authority score of your websites, we have chosen the best website tool, DA PA Checker.

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