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Light Sky BSW Moving Head: Unleash Power and Precision on Stage

When it comes to stage lighting, the Light Sky BSW moving head stands out as a powerful and precise lighting fixture. Crafted with a combination of heat-resistant plastic and molded alloy materials, the BSW moving head not only delivers exceptional performance but also boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. Manufactured in compliance with CE and international standards, this lighting fixture is perfect for large live performances and theaters. Let’s explore the impressive features and capabilities of the Light Sky BSW moving head.

Powerful beam, spot, and wash effects

The Light Sky BSW moving head is equipped with an OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 471W SN lamp, providing a remarkable output of 470W. With a color temperature of 6300K, this fixture delivers intense and vibrant lighting effects. The beam angle ranges from 2° to 21°, while the spot projection covers 3° to 42°, allowing for precise and customizable lighting coverage. The double strobe with adjustable speed and the 0-100% linear dimmer give you full control over the intensity and dynamics of your lighting design.

Advanced control and safety features

The Light Sky BSW moving head offers advanced control capabilities to enhance your lighting experience. With DMX512 and RDM compatibility, you can integrate the fixture seamlessly into your lighting system. The 33-channel control mode ensures precise and intricate control over various parameters. The fixture’s 23 ultra-quiet motors enable smooth and silent movements, while the pan/tilt range of 540°/250° covers a wide area on stage. Additionally, the BSW moving head features a comprehensive safety system that includes overcurrent and overheat protection, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the lamp.


The Light Sky BSW moving head is a powerhouse in the world of stage lighting, offering power, precision, and safety features that will impress professionals in the industry. With its powerful beam, spot, and wash effects, advanced control capabilities, and comprehensive safety system, the BSW moving head empowers lighting designers to create stunning and unforgettable performances. Light Sky remains committed to delivering high-quality lighting fixtures that meet the demands of professionals worldwide. Embrace the power and precision of the BSW moving head and elevate your stage lighting to new heights.

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