Live Filipino chicken – Most popular type in 2024

Filipino chicken live is always broadcast on many websites across countries in general and in Vietnam in particular. Because the number of people passionate about this subject is so large, online game sites always link up to exploit it as a type of betting.

Introduction to Philippine cockfighting game

In fact, Philippine cockfighting is also known in another way as spur cockfighting. The origin of this game comes from the Philippines and is about thousands of years old. In Vietnam, this type of cockfighting has not yet been carried out.

But for professional players, they love playing cockfighting and even go abroad to watch the matches. Understanding this, bookmakers with great potential have soon recruited this type of game on the online platform.

Regarding this Philippine cockfighting sport, you can refer to major tournaments such as: Cockfighting Olympics, World Slasher Cup,… These programs are usually held every two years and gather 25,000 people. players at every festival opening.

In the Philippine cockfighting sport, there are many different breeds of cockfighting. The most typical can be mentioned some popular forms of japanese fighting such as:

  • Bamboo cockfighting with knife spurs
  • Stone and knife
  • Fighting back and forth with knives
  • Fighting American millet with a knife
  • Thai cockfighting with knives
  • Peruvian cockfighting with knife spurs,…

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Where can I watch Filipino chicken live?

As mentioned above, because it is not yet operating in Vietnam, there is no TV channel that directly broadcasts Philippine chickens. Therefore, if you want to watch it live, you need to go abroad to enter the arenas.

However, since technology has developed, there have been many online bookies that have integrated this type of entertainment. They both broadcast live matches and at the same time update accurate odds so that domestic players can also bet.

However, you need to be careful to choose to watch at reputable bookmaker websites and see if the matches are shown live or not. Because currently, there has been a situation where virtual sites have broadcast old matches and arranged the results to take advantage of players.

Why do people like to watch Filipino chicken live the most?

Cockfighting is already a hot commodity, but cockfighting has captured the hearts of bettors the most. Do you know the reason why people all over Asia always watch Philippine chicken live? Let’s explore the answers!

There are many breeds of chickens to choose from

As revealed above, the Philippine fighting style often brings together many different breeds of chickens. This criterion is to serve the needs of each person who likes a different style.

In addition to the above types, when watching Philippine chickens directly, there will be many other typical breeds. These things are nothing to worry about because before each match, the fighting arena system will announce the breed for players to understand.

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Every day there are many live Filipino cock fights

The characteristic of Philippine cockfighting matches is that they take place very quickly. To determine victory or defeat, if it’s fast, each match will last from 10 to 15 minutes, but if it’s slow, it will only last about 3 to 4 minutes.

That is also part of the reason why there are often many Philippine cockfighting matches taking place every day. Therefore, you can freely participate in placing bets on matches without worrying about running out of matches.

At any given time, there are many Philippine cockfighting matches taking place

At every time of the day, there are fighting matches taking place, so it can optimally meet the needs of gamers. If there is ever a time when the website system is under maintenance and cannot be shown, members will be notified directly.

Satisfying and dramatic until the last moment

For professional players, they often comment that Philippine cockfighting is always more dramatic and surprising than usual. The situation in each game is very different so it is guaranteed to never cause boredom.

There are even battles that turn the tables, making viewers stunned and panicked. Accompanied by dramatic turns and counter-attacks that make you unable to believe the developments before your eyes.


Even if you are in Vietnam, if you know reputable online gaming sites, you can watch Filipino chickens directly. Hopefully readers will know and support this subject more so that it will appear in our country in the future.

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