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Meishuo’s Premium IXPE Foam Solutions Elevating Performance

Delve into the world of innovative IXPE foam solutions offered by Meishuo, designed to revolutionize various industrial applications. IXPE foam, developed through electron beam cross-linking technology, boasts a nearly 100% closed-cell structure, showcasing exceptional properties such as lightweight construction, strong rigidity, heat insulation, cushioning, heat resistance, and flame retardancy. With the ability to be easily manipulated through cutting, stamping, and pressure forming processes, IXPE foam stands out as a versatile material suitable for diverse sectors including automotive interiors, construction, insulation, packaging, sports, medical, and more.

Polyolefin Foam – Meishuo’s Cutting-Edge IXPE Foam MSI05

Meishuo’s Polyolefin Foam – IXPE Foam MSI05 exemplifies excellence in foam technology through the utilization of advanced electron beam cross-linking processes. By subjecting polyethylene to electron beam irradiation and subsequent foaming, the result is a high foam material with superior closed-cell properties. This ensures optimal performance in heat insulation, cushioning, and flame retardancy, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications across various industries.

IXPE Foam: Revolutionizing Industrial Applications

Discover how Meishuo’s IXPE foam is transforming industrial processes with its lightweight yet robust design. With unparalleled rigidity and the ability to dampen vibrations effectively, IXPE foam is the go-to solution for shock-absorbing applications. Whether used in automotive interiors for its exceptional qualities in reducing weight and noise, or in insulation, packaging, and sports equipment for its versatile properties, Meishuo’s IXPE foam sets the standard for performance and reliability in the foam industry.


Meishuo’s range of IXPE foam solutions epitomizes innovation, quality, and reliability in the realm of foam materials. With a strong emphasis on advanced manufacturing techniques, superior properties, and versatile applications, Meishuo’s IXPE foam stands out as a premium choice for businesses seeking top-tier foam solutions. Elevate your industrial processes, enhance efficiency, and achieve superior performance with Meishuo’s cutting-edge IXPE foam products, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

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