Soccer Cross Betting and Tips for Sure Winning from New88 Experts

Football parlay betting sometimes causes confusion for newcomers. To help players understand this concept more accurately, Link vào New88 will provide detailed information about the odds as well as how to calculate them. Please join and learn with us in this article!

A brief introduction to what is soccer parlay betting?

Or commonly known as Mix Parlay, it is a fairly new form in the field of soccer betting. Different from traditional genres such as Asian, Over/Under or European odds, cross bets allow people to participate in many bets combined together, into a single synthesis.

Although it has only appeared for a short time, soccer parlay betting has successfully attracted the attention of many members because of its attractiveness and great rewards it brings. With huge payout rates and super-fast profit opportunities, this form has become the favorite choice of many people. The very special thing is that you can participate with a small capital and have a great opportunity to get rich.

Information on the rules of football parlay betting

Participating in this form, you will have to follow a few basic rules. First of all, you will place at least 2 or more bets to participate in the bet. Then, everyone can choose the appropriate ratio according to their personal wishes and strategies.

The bookie system will receive the order and fully display the selected soccer cross bet odds. Finally, players simply need to enter the amount of money they want to participate in the machine, completing the betting process. This helps players participate in matches easily, enjoying a convenient and flexible entertainment experience.

Share how to calculate soccer parlay bets

Calculating the odds in soccer requires understanding of reading as well as proficiency in applying calculation formulas. Here is the most accurate way to calculate parlay bets:

For Asian and Over/Under bets

Specifically, these two bets will be as follows:

  • Winning bet: According to the rules, odds coefficient 1 x odds coefficient 2 x … x odds coefficient n.
  • Half bet: ((odds – 1)/2) + 1.
  • When the bet loses ½: Cross bet coefficient /2.
  • Draw bet situation: Coefficient x1.

Calculation method for European bets

The calculation of European football parlay bets will be much simpler. At that time, players only need to multiply the coefficients together: Odds coefficient 1 x odds coefficient 2 x … x odds coefficient.

Tips for playing soccer parlay bets to always win

Participating in this form of betting, everyone always wants to win for themselves. And here are a few tips that players can apply to win big rewards for themselves:

You should only bet on 1 match

This is a smart strategy that many bettors love because it has the potential to bring a higher win rate. To achieve success in this, the most important thing is that bettors must have careful preparation and a deep understanding of the team they are participating in.

Before depositing money, tracking and capturing information about the team is extremely important. Players will begin to learn about the gameplay, the force situation as well as recent performance. Based on your observation skills and analysis process, you can make the most accurate bet.
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Run obliquely effectively

The method of running diagonally at the right time is one of the important methods of calculating diagonal odds that players need to master. In football parlay bets, there may be a situation where you realize that the bet you have placed will have a higher chance of losing than originally planned. But, don’t worry too much, because this oblique running strategy will help bettors counter the previous bet. This way, everyone will minimize risks and optimize profits.

The important thing is to run diagonally at the right time. You need to carefully analyze the match situation and the odds market before making a decision to run a cross. From there, players will avoid losses and increase their chances of receiving rewards.

Deposit money for a match with a high win rate

By focusing intensely on a single match that you believe in and are certain about the outcome, you can help the player optimize the results. Choosing a match that you understand well and has a high win rate is a key factor in this strategy.

Players need to carefully analyze factors such as team form, playing conditions, and other factors that can directly affect the outcome of the match. When you are confident about your prediction, cross betting will become more effective and bring big profits.


Above is all the information about soccer parlay betting shared by New88. Hopefully the information in this article has helped to understand more thoroughly about cross betting, as well as will provide good support in participating in future soccer betting activities.

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