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Unleash Brilliance with Light Sky’s Outdoor Beam Light: AQUABEAM400LL-E

Engineered with state-of-the-art features, this light fixture is designed to provide powerful illumination and stunning visual effects. With its Ushio 400W lamp, φ168 lens, and dual prisms, the AQUABEAM400LL-E delivers extraordinary brightness, equivalent to a 4000W sky search. Its IP54-rated housing and PA66 cover ensure UV resistance and durability, making it the ideal choice for outdoor illumination. Elevate your space lighting with Light Sky‘s waterproof outdoor beam light.

Long-Lasting & Energy-Efficient Performance

The AQUABEAM400LL-E series outdoor beam light is designed for long-lasting and energy-efficient performance. It incorporates the Ushio 400W Long-Life Lamp, which not only saves energy but also ensures a prolonged lifespan. With its sharp and bright illumination, the φ168 optical lens produces remarkable brightness that rivals a 4000W sky search. Whether you’re lighting up a large outdoor area or creating captivating effects, the AQUABEAM400LL-E guarantees a spectacular visual experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Waterproof and Durable Design

Light Sky’s outdoor beam light is built to withstand the elements. With its IP54-level waterproofing, this light fixture is suitable for outdoor environments, providing reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. The PA-engineered plastic cover enhances durability and offers anti-UV, anti-aging, and high-temperature resistance. This ensures that the AQUABEAM400LL-E remains in pristine condition, maintaining its exceptional performance and visual appeal throughout its lifespan.


Light Sky’s AQUABEAM400LL-E series outdoor beam light is the epitome of brilliance for outdoor lighting. Its long-lasting and energy-efficient performance, coupled with its sharp and bright illumination, creates a captivating visual experience. With its IP54-rated waterproof design and durable construction, this light fixture withstands the rigors of outdoor environments while maintaining its exceptional performance. Whether you’re lighting up landscapes, architectural structures, or event spaces, the AQUABEAM400LL-E delivers unparalleled brightness and stunning visual effects. Choose Light Sky’s outdoor beam light to elevate your outdoor lighting design and transform any space into a mesmerizing spectacle of light.

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