Wooden Card Game An Interesting And Attractive Experience For Players

For a long time, boardgame genres have been interested and loved by many players because the way to play is quite simple but extremely fun and attractive. Same house New88 Learn more about the genre Wooden Card Game Below, help players have the most interesting and exciting experiences.
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Learn about what is the Moc Card Game?

Wooden Card Game is a popular card game in Vietnam. This is a card game similar to the card game Journey to the West, with similar rules and gameplay.

In this game, players will be dealt 13 cards, and must arrange them into 3 sets. The first set is called “wood”, the second set is called “metal”, and the last set is called “bronze”.

The purpose of the game is to arrange the cards into sets in the most logical and intelligent way to win. This game requires players to have attention and calculation skills, and is also very interesting.

Rules for playing Card Game of New88 bookmaker

New88 is an online bookmaker and offers online card games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and many more. The rules of New88’s Wooden Card Game are quite simple and similar to similar games on the market. Below are some basic rules for online card games on New88.

  • Number of players: from 2 – 6 people.
  • Deck of cards: use the popular Western deck or the original Wood deck.
  • Goal: get a set of three (or four, five, six) cards that have a higher value than your opponent’s three cards.

Easy-to-understand instructions on how to play wooden cards

Card game is a simple game with simple rules. Below are basic instructions for playing wooden cards:

  • Composition of wooden cards: The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards.
  • How to Play: The game begins by dealing four cards to each player. The remaining cards will be placed in the deck.
  • Players will start by placing a bet on one of three boxes, each with a corresponding bet amount. Those cells are wood cells, number cells and color cells.

Advantages of the Card Game genre

Some advantages of the Card Game genre include:

  • Simplicity: Wooden card games often have simple and easy-to-understand rules, no need to learn many complicated rules.
  • Easy to play: Players do not need to have experience or special skills to play.
  • Entertainment: Card game Moc is often highly entertaining, helping players relax and relieve stress.
  • Interesting: Each Card Game has its own unique gameplay and rules, helping players feel interesting and attractive.

With the quality advantages of the game genre, it helps players have more quality and interesting experiences during their experience at this New88 game portal. This is also one of the highlights that players should note and refer to.

Note when participating in the Wooden Card Game

  • Always set a goal and limit the amount of play before starting to avoid losing control.
  • Play in a relaxed mood, don’t let stress or pressure affect your decisions.
  • Learn carefully the rules and scoring of each card game to be able to defeat your opponents and win.
  • Don’t play too many games continuously without resting, you need to always maintain a refreshing spirit.
  • You should not participate in card games with very high stakes if you do not have enough experience and confidence.
  • Always control your own psychology while playing at the house.

Experience in playing quality Card Game

To have a good experience when playing Card Game, you can apply the following experiences:
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Learn about the rules and how to play each wooden card game: To avoid losses when playing, you should clearly understand the rules and how to play each wooden card game to be able to make the right decisions.

Choose card games that suit your abilities and finances: You should choose games that suit your abilities and finances to avoid risks and be able to enjoy the game comfortably.

Learn about the management team and quality of the house: To ensure safety and fairness in the game, you should learn this information during the experience.


With detailed information about Wooden Card Game of the house New88 Helps players have quality experiences. This form of card game is also of interest to many players.

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