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Your Reliable Wholesale Supplier of IQF Frozen Fruits: Jooever Foods

With a reputation for being a reliable source of wholesale frozen fruits, Jooever Foods specializes in offering high-quality IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fruit products. Jooever Foods, which prides itself on quality, has a selection of frozen fruit options, including their premium IQF frozen apricot halves. The main characteristics that set Jooever Foods apart as a top option for wholesale IQF fruits are highlighted in this article, with special attention paid to their commitment to using natural, high-quality products and their availability of many certifications guaranteeing food safety.

IQF Frozen Apricot Halves

Jooever Foods takes pride in offering premium-grade frozen apricot halves that retain all the desirable properties of fresh apricots. Through careful sourcing and processing, the apricot halves are individually quick-frozen using the IQF method. This process locks in the fruit’s natural flavor, texture, and nutritional value, providing customers with a high-quality product that closely resembles freshly harvested apricots.

Natural and Free from Additives

Jooever Foods understands the importance of providing wholesale customers with frozen fruits that are 100% natural and free from additives. Their IQF frozen apricot halves are meticulously selected and processed to ensure they are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). By maintaining the fruits’ natural integrity, Jooever Foods delivers a wholesome and pure product that meets the increasing demand for natural and clean-label food options.


Jooever Foods stands out as a reputable wholesale supplier of premium IQF frozen fruits, including their high-quality frozen apricot halves. With a focus on quality, natural ingredients, and stringent food safety certifications, Jooever Foods ensures that their wholesale customers receive the best products available. As a trusted supplier, Jooever Foods continues to excel in the wholesale frozen fruit market, making them the preferred choice for businesses seeking top-quality IQF fruits.

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