SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light: Illuminating Your Creative Vision

SmallRig, a trusted brand known for its quality camera accessories, introduces a revolutionary lighting solution that perfectly combines Movable COB lighting and the functionality of a travel tripod. Let this dynamic duo elevate your photography and videography to new heights.Embark on a journey of advanced illumination with the SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light.

AstralTech Optical System for Superior Performance

The SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light boasts an AstralTech Optical System, setting it apart from the competition. With a patented light source, this video light offers enhanced efficiency and illuminance, ensuring your subjects are perfectly lit. The high-transmittance front glass guarantees lossless light flux and impeccable color mixing, delivering true-to-life visuals.

COB Bead Arrangement and Heat Dissipation Technology

SmallRig’s commitment to innovation shines through in the COB bead arrangement of the RC 350B. This patent arrangement ensures even color mixing, eliminating any unwanted shadows or color variations. Additionally, efficient heat dissipation is achieved with high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, allowing for prolonged usage without compromising performance.

SmallRig: Your Partner in Illumination

SmallRig has solidified its position as a leading brand in the camera accessories industry. With the RC 350B COB LED Video Light, SmallRig continues to push the boundaries of lighting technology. SmallRig’s dedication to providing advanced illumination tools ensures that your creative vision is fully realized, enabling you to capture stunning visuals with ease.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

The perfect combination of “LED cob lighting” and the SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light empowers you to unleash your creative potential. With its advanced AstralTech Optical System, COB bead arrangement, and efficient heat dissipation, this video light provides the ideal lighting solution for photographers and videographers. Illuminate your subjects with precision, control, and unparalleled performance.


Embark on a journey of unparalleled illumination with the SmallRig RC 350B COB LED Video Light. SmallRig’s unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in this lighting solution, providing exceptional performance with its state-of-the-art AstralTech Optical System and groundbreaking COB bead arrangement. Embrace the flawless integration of “LED cob lighting” and advanced lighting technology, and allow SmallRig to illuminate and elevate your creative vision. Discover new heights in your photography and videography pursuits with this dynamic duo at your side.

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